På Lillero følger vi de retningslinjer der bliver os pålagt af staten. At Lillero, we follow the guidelines, that is given to us by the government.


Do you charge for use of the kayaks?

No, if you are a tent-guest at Lillero, you can borrow the kayaks for free. PLEASE NOTE: It is mandatory to wear a life jacket and we offer life jackets to all guests.

Do you charge for use of the kayaks?2022-08-25T19:01:29+02:00

I have allergies. What will I eat?

If you have allergies, write it to us in the comments field when booking. We cater to the common allergies (such as gluten free, lactose, nuts, etc.), but unfortunately cannot cater to all allergies. Also, we do not have vegan food on the menu, but we do have a vegetarian option. If you mention your gluten or lactose intolerance in the comment section when booking, it

I have allergies. What will I eat?2020-11-30T22:13:39+01:00

Do you do gift Certificate?

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give to people you love – is headspace in beautiful surroundings! We bet you can name a lot of your loved ones, that can use some time off in the nature surrounded by luxury and beauty. Now is your chance to buy a Gift Certificate to Lillero to the 2022 season. It’s easy too! Read more here

Do you do gift Certificate?2021-12-15T21:59:29+01:00

Why is it only possible to book a stay of two nights?

For optimal rejuvenation, we feel that two nights works best. This also adds balance and quiet to everyone’s stay as the site will be free of guests checking in and out non-stop. It's NOT possible to book one night.

Why is it only possible to book a stay of two nights?2022-01-14T10:27:14+01:00

Does the tent have a fridge?

No, but you can buy cold beverages in the coffee bar, or you can fill water bottles with tap water (either at the restroom facilities or at the water tank on-site).

Does the tent have a fridge?2020-11-30T22:10:19+01:00

Is the tent heated?

It is important that you bring clothes that suit the weather. The tents are not heated, but we have electric heating blankets under the mattress so we guarantee that it is nice and warm even on a cool evening. The restaurant will also be heated if necessary.

Is the tent heated?2024-05-11T18:03:33+02:00

How is Lillero powered?

All of the energy on site comes from climate-friendly wind turbines Lillero has access to in agreement with a local provider, AURA

How is Lillero powered?2020-11-30T22:12:12+01:00
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