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Børsen, Fritid

Uncompromising approach to good food and delicious surroundings.

Since 2020, attention around Lillero has almost exploded among the Copenhagen segment that Lau and Michelle Sass wanted to hit. Everything from influencers to international magazines such as Vogue have helped spread the word about the small, exclusive camp on the beach, which has grown in size from 8 to 13 tents, and the restaurant, now called Lille B, is run by the Copenhagen Michelin restaurant Formel B.

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Berlingske, Gastonomi

“Søren Frank: The one-star Michelin Restaurants pop up in the countryside sit perfectly”

You think it’s a lie that it should cost 2,000 kroner per night to stay in a tent, but it’s not. Luxury camping exists, it is called glamping and is popular among a special group of people, which I guess must be found in Copenhagen’s creative class.

Lillero, which counts 13 luxury tents right next to Sejerøbugten in Odsherred and is one of the pioneers in the genre, has this year attracted attention by joining the one-star Michelin restaurant Formel B for the summer pop-up restaurant Lille B.

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Euroman, Keep an eye on


This summer, they will be visited by the Tour de France field, Dragsholm Castle is also located here, and soon the area will as well have a restaurant with the people behind the Michelin-starred restaurant Formel B as the driving force. Kristian Arpe-Møller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen will take over the food part at Lillero, which is located on Høve Strand in Asnæs, with the restaurant Lille B, which opens up May 18th. There are no plans for fancy food and Michelin stars. Instead, straightforward family style sharing food with ingredients from the local area should be served.

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TV2 East

Luxury camping with gourmet food

When the chefs from the Michelin-awarded restaurant, Formel B, open their doors at our restaurant and beach bar for the season, don´t expect hoity-toity dishes and pretentious maître d´s. But look forward to simple and down-to-earth, yet spectacular meals, primarily based on local produce. All served family style perfect for an extraordinary experience with friends and family.

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Lille B

Formel B + Lillero = Lille B

This upcoming season we’ll reach new culinary heights as we´ve teamed up with chefs hailing from one of Copenhagen’s finest restaurants (and a longtime personal favorite place of ours). We hereby officially and happily announce our collab with the people behind the Michelin-starred restaurant Formel B. Look forward to simple and down-to-earth, yet spectacular meals, primarily based on local produce. Perfect for an extraordinary experience just waiting to be shared with friends and family.

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Lillero is nominated for this year’s entrepreneur award.

For once, there is entrepreneurship in Odsherred that dares to think big. Which focuses on a delicious expensive luxury product which is sold far beyond the municipality’s borders. They have managed to turn a boring campsite into a tourist experience in a class of its own and have had it fully booked from the start. A true oasis at Høve Camping with glamping tents that have also attracted many non-campers. Brave and beautiful by Lau and Michelle..

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Find yourself at Lillero

The recent pandemic has made staycation the big thing, and luckily there are plenty of beautiful spots and hidden gems in our own country that you can explore. Find inspiration for your holiday in Denmark and get the travel blog writers’ best advice for road trips here.

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TV2 FRI / Play

Sæt pris på Danmark

Hans Pilgaard takes TV host Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and former handball player and now personal trainer Rikke Hørlykke on a trip around Halsnæs and Odsherred.beach

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Tent trip on first class

Lillero is far from sleeping bags and hard sleeping pads, because here you live in luxury tents with comfortable beds. Michelle Sass and Lau Sas have started Lillero up with a dream of pampering guests’ senses through good food from local produce and giving them a relaxing experience in the woods overlooking the sea and beach

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Girlcode is an online community

Get inspired by cool women who have dared to follow their dreams

We had an idea that we would serve people in luxury surroundings in nature. But there is a long way from idea to execution.

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Odsherreds Turistforening

2021 Tourist Award

With skill and creativity, Michelle and Lau have brought Odsherred an innovative, high-quality experience. An experience place that some might call glamping, but which is actually a small nice hotel and restaurant on the beach.

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Livet i Odsherred

Odsherred – Denmark’s first unesco global geopark

Geopark Odsherred has published a new book magazine of 132 pages with inspiration to experience nature, culture, art and the many gastro-adventures that await in Denmark’s first UNESCO geopark.

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Article from a stay Lillero

“We got a great fish for the evening, and for breakfast got a basket with a lot of goodies that we could take back to the tent and enjoy all to ourselves, And then we just sat there for ourselves for 3 hours and just talked and enjoyed ourselves” Niels Heilberg

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Thank you all for a terrific season🫶🏼 we are overwhelmed with the many visits from people around the world🌺

We will now rest a little bit and get back even better and stronger than ever💪🏼 We open Lillero and @rest_lilleb once again for our 4th season on May 17th 2023💞

Have a great autumn and winter!
Love from all of us at Lillero & LilleB♥️

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Link in bio! Hope to see you next year❤️

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Imagine what small miracles are made in here everyday 🫶🏼 @rest_lilleb is working its magic…in a tent…on the beach🤘🏼what a team!

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At Lillero we never compromise with quality and sustainability 🌱

This season, we have teamed up with the epic brand @yroliskincare 🫶🏼 which is a brand of excellence!
Danish produced super face, body- and hair care in a league of their own🙏🏼 all our guests have these products available when- and after showering at Lillero. Enjoy!🤍💚

@yroliskincare @lillero_dk #becausewecare #sustainableproducts #ecocertified #qualityinnature #luxuryinnature #lillero #allproductsareforsale #whatapartnership

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This unique place with the woods in our backyard and the sea right in front of us❣️ welcome to Lillero🌾

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We are lost for words (5 stars), but then again, we know how good these boys are👏🏼🫶🏼 we are so super proud of this collab and forever humble for this journey 🙏🏼
Full link to article in bio❤️

@rest_lilleb @rest_formelb @lillero_dk @contempehrary
#whataride #luxuryinnature #thelilleroexperience #lillero

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WINNER FOUND: @mariadalsbo 🥳🥳

G I V E - A W A Y!!!

We are now giving away a 2-day stay 🫶🏼 who do you want to bring?
(Please tag the person✨)

This stay can be used weekdays and in the 2022 season only.

We will find the winner on Sunday July 17th. on Instagram.

@lillero_dk #luksusinaturen #luxuryinnature #giveaway

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One of these days❤️

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The tents in the back row 🤍


ALL have ocean view 🤍..but the really cosy part about these tents, is the beautiful forest right behind them🌳 Huge beautiful trees! Come to Lillero and enjoy nature🌿

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Available tents for upcoming Wed-Fri Sankt Hans stay🔥

Wonderful weather, Sankt Hans, Live music, epic food..what’s not to like❣️

All you have to do is write: SKTHANS in the coupon code field to save 35%🙏🏼

~ All tents guests are guaranteed a table at LilleB ~

@lillero_dk #luxuryinnature #luxurytents #lastminute #yousnoozeyoulose #sankthans

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Tour de France weekend 🇫🇷

▪️10 tents!*
▪️ 2 epic nights…and days!
▪️Friday super extravagant dinner at LilleB (incl. wine menu)
▪️Saturday tour party all day long!

We can’t wait to get this party started with you Friday July 1st - Sunday July 3rd. 🍷🚴🏼‍♂️☀️

Book your tent NOW before it’s too late and join us for this fun weekend in the front row of Tour de France. Direct link in bio.

*no kids under 18 allowed this weekend and only 2 persons per tent.

@lillero_dk @letourdefrance #tourdefranceparty #lilleb #thelilleroexperience #whataweekend

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STRANDBAREN ~ what an excellent place to enjoy superb food, drinks and wine! Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday - Sunday*
*(Wednesday only dinner and Sunday only lunch) 🌾
Live music dates will be announced soon🤘🏼
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On days like these, the sauna is a “must go to” place 🧡
@lillero_dk #qualityinnature #oceanview #whatattreat #takeabreath #lillero

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