About Lillero

For years we dreamt of creating a unique place like Lillero. Our focus has always been on striving to serve people in the best possible way in the most beautiful place possible.

With the opening of Lillero in 2019, we had created just that beautiful place we had always envisioned. And we are always refining every little detail in order to ensure our guests’ mind-body-soul experiences that will help them to develop a deeper connection to themselves, their partners, their family, and nature.
Lillero is situated on the most beautiful 3.7 acres of land right next to the beach of Sejerøbugten and our backyard is the Høve forest, where the so-called “heart path” (Hjerte-stien) winds through the hilly terrain.

An enchanting place in Odsherred, with many more beautiful things nearby to explore. Come and thrive under the stars, sleep in inviting rustic tents with natural wood interiors and furnishings, enjoy food made over a toasty fire and warm up in the sauna after a refreshing swim.
Lillero is the perfect place to find yourself – and we can´t wait to have you.

Season 4 is approaching fast💨

Blood, sweat & tears and a lot of love has been the essence of the past 5 years♥️
From you, we feel only love…both tent guests and day guests in the coffee shop & restaurant, and we would of course be nowhere without you🫶🏼
Thank you!

We are ready to bid you all welcome again very soon 🌸

Give away coming up in a couple of days✌🏼

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OHH those summer vibes ☀️🏝️ we can’t wait to get them back, and the beach bar and coffee shop will be filled with goodies and even more delicious food and drinks☕️🍹

Pssst…the coffee shop will be open during Easter☕️♥️

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BREAKFAST ~ in bed, on the beach or wherever you want🫶🏼

Enjoy our simple, high quality breakfast every morning made freshly for you.
☕️ from @yellowbirdcoffeecph
🧃from #sidingegårdbutik
🥐 buns and pastry’s from @bageriet_benji
📰 @politiken
🫖 from @carl_henkel_com and the tea from @acperchs

You can also buy breakfast at Lillero even if you are not staying in our tents 💫

📸 @myfournais

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A little greeting from us (in Danish) ☀️

Have a great day!
♥️ Lau & Michelle

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Who are we, and how did we get where we are now?

We will invite you behind the scenes from the beginning 4 years ago with drawings and Pinterest boards till where we are right now with Lillero 🫶🏼

Stay tuned🙏🏼
All the best,
Lau & Michelle

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Let us humbly present NÆRVÆR 🌿 The devil is in the details, they say!

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Feel the heat from the fire while enjoying the sun set from Sejerøbugten♥️

113 days until we open🙈🥳

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Strolling back from the beach after a morning swim 🏊‍♀️

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This bay! 💙
On rainy days like these, we remember the wonderful days we had just before Christmas and even better during our season🌾

We can’t wait to start build-up in a few months, until then we long for spring and summer and drinks in the sun🍹

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our breakfast basket giveaway ♥️🙏🏼
We have drawn two winners:

Congratulations 🥳🥰

Please contact us in PM 🙏🏼

Have a merry merry Christmas everyone 🎁🎄🤶🏼♥️

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The greatest gifts come from the heart♥️

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give the people you love is the joy of everlasting memories!

We bet you can name a lot of loved ones that could use some pampering in nature surrounded by luxury and beauty.
✨Now is your chance to buy a Gift Certificate to Lillero for the 2023 season. It’s easy too!🎄

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