About Lillero

For years we dreamt of creating a unique place like Lillero. Our focus has always been on striving to serve people in the best possible way in the most beautiful place possible.

With the opening of Lillero in 2019, we had created just that beautiful place we had always envisioned. And we are always refining every little detail in order to ensure our guests’ mind-body-soul experiences that will help them to develop a deeper connection to themselves, their partners, their family, and nature.
Lillero is situated on the most beautiful 3.7 acres of land right next to the beach of Sejerøbugten and our backyard is the Høve forest, where the so-called “heart path” (Hjerte-stien) winds through the hilly terrain.

An enchanting place in Odsherred, with many more beautiful things nearby to explore. Come and thrive under the stars, sleep in inviting rustic tents with natural wood interiors and furnishings, enjoy food made over a toasty fire and warm up in the sauna after a refreshing swim.
Lillero is the perfect place to find yourself – and we can´t wait to have you.

Not long now🌿
The tents are getting more and more ready for you! Full house next Wednesday on opening day May 18th in both tents and #lilleb 🙏🏼 we are humble and can’t wait to bid you welcome onto the incredible premises, that we with gratitude borrow from the amazing nature at Høve Strand🍃🌾
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Ahh that superb grilled fish 🐟
The weather is getting warmer and very soon we start the restaurant build-up❤️
We can’t wait to continue our fantastic family style sharing menu - now with new ship captains #lilleb - what a journey ✨
Restaurant Lilleb and the beach bar opens Wednesday May 18.
Booking link in bio🙏🏼
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LUNDEN - this is the view! This tent lying there so subtle with its back in the forest and then still has this incredible view! 🙏🏼🌿
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Oh…that cosy summer feeling 🌸 so many news coming up for you this season in our beach bar - epic bar food, fantastic beer and drinks of course 🍻

The menu will vary from delicious fish and chips to crispy cabbage “taco” and vanilla soft ice 🍦what’s not to like💚

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Kaffebar personale søges..

..til den hyggeligste kaffebar på stranden🌾☕️

Vi søger 2-3 fuldtidsansatte samt 2-3 deltidsansatte (over 18) til vores kaffebar på Lillero i Høve skov/strand.
Sæsonen starter den 18. maj og slutter 1. september.

Det vi kan tilbyde, er frihed under ansvar, søde og professionelle kollegaer samt gode arbejdstider.
Vagterne er fordelt i tidsrummet 7.30 - 22.00 fra onsdag - søndag i lavsæsonen frem til sommerferien (inkl. helligdage). I sommerferien og frem til 1/9 har vi åbent alle dage.

Vi søger derfor søde medarbejdere med stort engagement og god energi, som kan bidrage til vores høje serviceniveau og sikre at alle vores kunder er glade.

I kaffebaren serverer vi ultra lækker kaffe, snacks og kolde drikke. Man behøver ikke at have erfaring med en professionel kaffemaskine. Derudover skal man ved morgenvagten lave morgenmad til vores 13 telte.

Vi ser gerne at du:
- Er serviceminded og smilende
- Er engageret og ansvarsfuld
- Er mødestabil
- Har erfaring med at betjene kunder
- Er 18 år eller derover
Det vil være et plus hvis du har butiks/cafe erfaring, men ikke et krav.

Lyder det som noget for dig eller en du kender? Så send endelig en ansøgning til Ansøgningsfrist: 10. april.
Ansøgning skal indeholde en kort beskrivelse af dig selv, din forventninger til arbejdstid/antal vagter du ønsker og dine tidligere erfaringer.
Tjek vores hjemmeside ud for mere information om vores dejlige sted samt kaffebar 🙂

@madsdamind er den glade kunde her😍☕️
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Can you feel it? Can you hear it? The sunbeams are starting to actually tickle on your skin and the birds are singing their famous symphonies 🌿 spring is here, which means Lillero soon is too🌺

The memories of long summer nights with epic food made by our glorious head chef @andy_michaelides & sidekick @jorgevalrichef is coming back to us🙏🏼 what a season🤩

Happy spring everyone 🌾☀️

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Always a beautiful sunset at Lillero🧡
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Michelin chefs coming to Lillero 🌟
This season you’ll be able to experience fine dining in mother nature's finest surroundings.

We are honored and beyond excited to announce that for 2022 our restaurant will be run by the people behind one of Copenhagen’s absolute best gourmet restaurants. That’s right, it has even held the world-renowned Michelin star for nearly two decades straight.

More to come in the following days (but if you can’t wait for the reveal, feel free to come with a wild – or qualified – guess)! 🙈
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Countdown to build up🤘🏼
We can’t wait to bring you great news of the place 🤩
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What present is small enough to fit in an envelope but big enough to make memories for life?💡

A gift certificate to Lillero, of course.

That’s right, we’ve launched our new gift certificate program so why not surprise someone you love with a stay at Lillero?
Check the link in bio for details ❤️🎁

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