About Lillero

For years we dreamt of creating a unique place like Lillero. Our focus has always been on striving to serve people in the best possible way in the most beautiful place possible.

With the opening of Lillero in 2019, we had created just that beautiful place we had always envisioned. And we are always refining every little detail in order to ensure our guests’ mind-body-soul experiences that will help them to develop a deeper connection to themselves, their partners, their family, and nature.
Lillero is situated on the most beautiful 3.7 acres of land right next to the beach of Sejerøbugten and our backyard is the Høve forest, where the so-called “heart path” (Hjerte-stien) winds through the hilly terrain.

An enchanting place in Odsherred, with many more beautiful things nearby to explore. Come and thrive under the stars, sleep in inviting rustic tents with natural wood interiors and furnishings, enjoy food made over a toasty fire and warm up in the sauna after a refreshing swim.
Lillero is the perfect place to find yourself – and we can´t wait to have you.

Skovbrynet 🌳 with its humble placement in the back, this tent is not to be underestimated! With the woods right behind the cloth but yet with an ocean view, the astonishing tranquility is easy to enjoy from Skovbrynet💚

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“Ej, og de har fået varmetæpper også. Det vil sige, at jeg kan... Nej, nej, nej. Jeg kan få varmet skuffen til, når jeg skal ind og ligge og sove.

Ej, er det ikke dejligt?

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We love when you share your pictures with a tag♥️

Look at this precious photo 🥹 our beautiful tent from @whiteduck_outdoors with the beautiful lights from @sirius_shining_moments 🙏🏼

Thank you so much @idaolsen29 for this wonderful picture🫶🏼

Psst…A photo competition is coming up♥️

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Embracing the darkness with light is essential for all beings🌱 it brings life, joy and calmness💡
@lillero_dk and @sirius_shining_moments have made an epic collaboration, that will make your stay at Lillero joyful and and filled with the right kind of light combined with nature’s own 💚

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Vil du se pinsesolen danse ☀️ så har du muligheden nu fra søndag til mandag.
Skriv en mail direkte til os eller fang os her på Instagram ♥️

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Enjoy the beautiful spring this Wednesday-Friday on Lillero and save 40%

Use the discount code: Weekdeal when you book♥️

We can’t wait to see you🌸🍃

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Aaaaand we are open♥️🥳

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The tents are now beginning to look like themselves (plus a bit extra) maybe our loyal guests can name the difference(s)?🌸🩷

We can’t wait to open our “doors” tomorrow, we have so much we want to show you🌸

We open at 15:00🍃

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Good morning from ~ SOLKROGEN ~ ☀️

We are unboxing, unpacking and working hard to welcome the first guests of our 5th season in ONE WEEK😍

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From this season, we launch “Markedsdage”🎈
Here local food suppliers / artists / beauty and many more, will gather with us at Lillero for a “Market day” every Tuesday in the school holiday🎪

If you want to join, please contact us at♥️

We can’t wait to host this feast of goodies🫶🏼

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And they’re up!♥️👏🏼

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Vi åbner snart:)
8 maj …

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The give-away winner has been drawn🌺🥳 congratulations @tina_zacho, we can’t wait to see you! DM has been sent!


Lillero welcomes spring and a new season with a wonderful give-away during our opening days May 8th - May 10th*. 🍃

You win:
A stay at Lillero during our opening days in a Jr. Suite worth DKK 3.800. (2 adults)

How to participate:

🌸Like the post
🌸Tell us in a comment who you want to invite to the Lillero stay

It would be nice if you would tag some friends too ❤️

*This give-away, can only be use during the stay May 8th - May 10th and can not be exchanged to other dates or cashback/gift certificate. The winner will be drawn on April 14th and will be published in a comment and receive a private message.

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with META.

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