About Lillero

For years we dreamt of creating a unique place like Lillero. Our focus has always been on striving to serve people in the best possible way in the most beautiful place possible.

With the opening of Lillero in 2019, we had created just that beautiful place we had always envisioned. And we are always refining every little detail in order to ensure our guests’ mind-body-soul experiences that will help them to develop a deeper connection to themselves, their partners, their family, and nature.
Lillero is situated on the most beautiful 3.7 acres of land right next to the beach of Sejerøbugten and our backyard is the Høve forest, where the so-called “heart path” (Hjerte-stien) winds through the hilly terrain.

An enchanting place in Odsherred, with many more beautiful things nearby to explore. Come and thrive under the stars, sleep in inviting rustic tents with natural wood interiors and furnishings, enjoy food made over a toasty fire and warm up in the sauna after a refreshing swim.
Lillero is the perfect place to find yourself – and we can´t wait to have you.

8 seats available in our fabulous restaurant (not at same table) so 4x2 or 2x4 🤗hurry up! Direct link in bio @lillero_dk #lillefisk #bestfish 🐟 ...

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Have a dip in the ocean, open a cold beer...and yes, you can bring it to the sauna 🙌🏼
The sauna is hot whenever you want it to be, it has perfectly easy timer🔥
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Tranquility ~ luxury ~ nature 🌳
@lillero_dk #luksustelte #luxuryinnature #høvestrand

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What a first night🙏🏼 Lillero opened today the doors to our first expectant guests❤️..they are now “tucked in” with a bonfire, marshmallows, blankets and the beautiful view of the sun setting in Sejerøbugten! We couldn’t have wished for a better 2021 season opening❤️ @lillero_dk #luxuryinnature #høvestrand #luxurytents #season2021 #letsgo ...

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Breakfast with a view☕️🥐
One man’s misfortune is another man’s happiness! We have a cancellation of two tents, May 21-23!!!

The (probably) two best tents are now available ~ Stranden & GT🤗
@lillero_dk #luxurytents #luxuryinnature #bookbook

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Three brand new tents this year🤩... plus one renamed and finally, a last year darling has unfortunately not survived (Supreme). This tent has been changed from a Senior Suite to a Junior Suite (now in the right wind direction☺️)

Say hello to Herligheden, Kærligheden, Lunden, Engen & Stranden ❤️ they can’t wait to meet you🙏🏼 @lillero_dk #luxuryinnature #luxurytents #11tents #lilleroseason2021 #notlongnow #seeyousoon #wearebuilding

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CHARITY AUCTION ❤️ Ungdommens Røde Kors!
Lillero has donated a stay to this awesome auction🙏🏼

We collect for vulnerable children and young people. Children and young people who do not come on summer vacation because the economy is not for it. Young people who need a mentor, a homework helper, a friend. Children and young people who so much need a helping hand. Children and young people who will most likely one day volunteer at a holiday camp, or at the local homework café.
If you want to support, please check direct link in bio 🙏🏼 @ungdommensroedekors @lillero_dk #becausewecare #kidsarethefuture #nokidsshouldsuffer

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HERLIGHEDEN ~ is suddenly available after a cancellation in our opening weekend April 30th - May 2nd 👏🏼 hurry up and book the only available tent in a weekend before July 9th😳🤗 @lillero_dk #luxurytents #luxuryinnature #høvestrand #springfullybooked #relaxation ...

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YES 🙌🏼 the deal is sealed 🤩 already from this Easter (April 1st) we have the honor of serving the delicious homemade super ice cream from @isoereis in small delicate 100ml cups👏🏼 this local, high quality ice cream made with love, is something we have been longing for in our range of goodies❤️ @lillero_dk @isoereis #bestqualityproducts #luxuryinnature #buylocal #organic #organicicecream ...

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Rent our sauna?🤩 go to @thelilleupdate for info and other cool events on Lillero 🥳 @thelilleupdate @lillero_dk #luxuryinnature #wehaveitall #forrestandsea #onlythebest #devilinthedetail #saunawithaview ...

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🐣Guess what! We are pre-opening our coffee shop for Easter💛 please come visit and get some great coffee from newly roasted beans, crispy toast and delightful snacks to go (or stay if we are lucky) in the Easter sun☀️ (hopefully) opening hours: Thursday April 1st - Monday April 5th - 11-16🐥 @lillero_dk #eastercoffee #preopening #wehavemissedyou #lillero2021 ...

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Are you a summerhouse owner or maybe a local?🧡 please follow @thelilleupdate for local events and lots of fun☀️ we have decided to invite all you guys to free yoga during the summer🙏🏼 please follow @thelilleupdate and stay tuned for when and where❤️ @thelilleupdate @lillero_dk #luxuryinnature #everyoneisinvited #høvestrand ...

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HØVE STRAND 🤍 where ocean and forrest collide🌳 We feel so thankful for lending this outstanding nature🙏🏼 we are taking such good care of it @lillero_dk #høvestrand #seeyouallsoon #buildupstartsnow #takecareofnature ...

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Want to work at Lillero?
We get it. We love working here too! Being this close to nature all day long, sharing ideas and memories with creative-minded colleagues in a fun, young and international atmosphere is pretty unique.
Whether it is the food we serve or the beds we make, we are all about the details and the level of luxury we want to provide our guests is absolutely key. Can you relate to this and wanna give it your all? – maybe you should join our team!
You are always more than welcome to email us an unsolicited application (please don´t be shy).

We are looking for:
🐟 Sous Chef - Lillefisk
🍕 Assistant Pizza Chef - Lillepizza
🛎 Front of House Manager
🍷 Waiters/Waitresses - Lillefisk
🤹🏼 Kitchen Porter
🧽 Cleaning Staff

Interested? Check direct link in bio🙏🏼 @lillero_dk #wearehiring #workwithus #workonthebeach

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