About Lillero

For years we dreamt of creating a unique place like Lillero. Our focus has always been on striving to serve people in the best possible way in the most beautiful place possible.

With the opening of Lillero in 2019, we had created just that beautiful place we had always envisioned. And we are always refining every little detail in order to ensure our guests’ mind-body-soul experiences that will help them to develop a deeper connection to themselves, their partners, their family, and nature.
Lillero is situated on the most beautiful 3.7 acres of land right next to the beach of Sejerøbugten and our backyard is the Høve forest, where the so-called “heart path” (Hjerte-stien) winds through the hilly terrain.

An enchanting place in Odsherred, with many more beautiful things nearby to explore. Come and thrive under the stars, sleep in inviting rustic tents with natural wood interiors and furnishings, enjoy food made over a toasty fire and warm up in the sauna after a refreshing swim.
Lillero is the perfect place to find yourself – and we can´t wait to have you.

On cold cloudy days, we all want to go back to blue sky, long warm nights and the magnificent nature we can offer around Lillero🌾 @lillero_dk #takeusback #2022season #newinitiatives #luxuryinnature ...

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The 2021 season is now over✨ we closed the restaurant with a big bang Saturday night, and sent our happy guests on their way Sunday🧡
The feeling we are left with is pride, happiness and a little bit of tiredness 🙌🏼

Bookings for 2022 are now open and we can’t wait to see you again next year🙏🏼

Are you a local, please follow @thelilleupdate for local updates as well.

Thanks a million to the entire team and all our amazing suppliers and collaborators that share this amazing journey with us - we sure couldn’t have done this without you, you all rock!
All the best,
Familien Sass ❤️

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June - July - August only so hurry up!

More to come on May & September🥳…these months will be reserved for events only.
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STRANDEN ~ who wouldn’t wanna stay here🌾🤍
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Due to cancellations we have 3 tents available this weekend 🌾enjoy the late summer sun at Lillero☀️
Book online.
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Those late summer nights are epic ~ soak up the sun 🧡
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Photo credit: @kriss_creol 🙏🏼

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Enjoy the sounds of nature in one of our magnificent tents ~ all with ocean view!
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Photo credit: @emilisindlev 🤍

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Our bar is ready for you Wednesday- Saturday with delicious draft and bottled beer from @bryghusetmoen 🍺 - epic cans from @toolbeer and of course we are ready with Negroni, GT, Aperol Spritz & Campari Soda🍹🍸
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Photo credit 📸: @emilisindlev ❤️

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Nights like these ❤️‍🔥gather around the fire and enjoy the sound of the crackling firewood with the love of your life or good friends🔥
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📸Photo credit @emilisindlev

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We have cancellations the weekend ~ 20-22th of August💚 book online🙏🏼
Link in bio🌺
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Photo credit: @tinabrokhansen @isabellas_dk

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The late summer has arrived and we have “merged” the Beach Bar with Lillefisk into a glorious à la carte restaurant with more than only fish on the menu (both lunch and dinner - check opening hours in highlights!)

Your current booking in the restaurant will remain and we will strive to give you the best experience as always 🙌🏼 menu will follow shortly!
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Time: 20:00

Trainman Blues
A dusty and atmospheric blues project, created by Irish singer/songwriter Richard Farrell, and the Danish producer / bassist Laust "Krudtmejer" Nielsen. The band has just released with their 2nd album, Shadows And Shapes, and are ready to tour and play to share this new fresh and soulful sound!

See more: link in bio

Richard Farrell: Vocals/Guitar
Rune Højmark: Guitar
Laust ‘Krudtmejer’ Nielsen: Bass
Thomas Crawfurd: Drums
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Coffee, we love good coffee❤️☕️ ours is probably the best in Odsherred 🙈 thanks to our fabulous freshly grinded coffee from @yellowbirdcoffeecph, our super coffee girls and our power 🚀 #rocketboxer @rocketespresso @loveramics
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Photo credit: @tinabrokhansen @isabellas_dk

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What is in the tent? …many ask. We’ll, a bed ~ all ready and made for you with crisp linen and fresh thick bath towels and bathrobes🤍 all you need to bring is👗👕 and 🩳 👙
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Photo credit: @tinabrokhansen @isabellas_dk

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