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Practical information


Toilet and bathing facilities are located in a separate toilet building next to the coffee bar and can be accessed with a code that will be provided on location.

In addition to a made-up bed, bathrobes and towels are provided in the tent on arrival.

All tents have a fire pit, and the fires will be lit in the evening.

Tea, coffee, beer, water, snacks etc. can be purchased in our coffee shop or in our food truck.


Check-in time at Lillero is from 3 PM – 8 PM (15.00 – 20.00).

Check-out is at 11.00 AM (11.00) unless otherwise agreed. You are welcome to arrive before check-in and hang out for a while or stay at Lillero after check-out. We don’t want you to leave, as much as you don’t to leave.

Call +45 3141 0231


You can get directly to Lillero by bus 565 which runs between Asnæs Station and Nykøbing Sj. Station.

From Copenhagen, you can take the regional train from KBH H. towards Kalundborg Station, the local train 510R from Holbæk Station to Asnæs Station, and finally, bus 565 directly to Høve Stræde (stop at: Ahornvej (Høve Stræde)).


Bo´s Taxi
+45 20 20 48 20


+45 70 15 07 00
Monday to Friday: 4 PM – 8 PM (16.00 – 08.00)
Weekends and public holidays: open night and day.

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays open all day and night l. 00.00-24.00


Is the tent heated?2024-05-11T18:03:33+02:00

It is important that you bring clothes that suit the weather. The tents are not heated, but we have electric heating blankets under the mattress so we guarantee that it is nice and warm even on a cool evening.
The restaurant will also be heated if necessary.

Lillero’s restaurants, everyone welcome?2024-06-08T13:49:45+02:00

Everyone is welcome in our restaurants. Just remember to book a table at lilleB though.

Does the tent have a fridge?2020-11-30T22:10:19+01:00

No, but you can buy cold beverages in the coffee bar, or you can fill water bottles with tap water (either at the restroom facilities or at the water tank on-site).

Why is it only possible to book a stay of two nights?2022-01-14T10:27:14+01:00

For optimal rejuvenation, we feel that two nights works best. This also adds balance and quiet to everyone’s stay as the site will be free of guests checking in and out non-stop.

It’s NOT possible to book one night.

How is Lillero powered?2020-11-30T22:12:12+01:00

All of the energy on site comes from climate-friendly wind turbines Lillero has access to in agreement with a local provider, AURA

Do you charge for use of the kayaks?2022-08-25T19:01:29+02:00

No, if you are a tent-guest at Lillero, you can borrow the kayaks for free.

PLEASE NOTE: It is mandatory to wear a life jacket and we offer life jackets to all guests.

When are you open?2024-06-08T13:51:12+02:00

The 2024 season starts on May 8th and ends on September 1st.

Why isn’t it possible to check-in all week during the season of spring and fall?2020-11-30T22:16:57+01:00

Good question. But in the low seasons, we use Mondays and Tuesdays to optimize, refine and build new initiatives. Hopefully you’ll see the benefits of this, at your next stay.


På Lillero følger vi de retningslinjer der bliver os pålagt af staten.

At Lillero, we follow the guidelines, that is given to us by the government.

Do you do gift Certificate?2021-12-15T21:59:29+01:00

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give to people you love – is headspace in beautiful surroundings!
We bet you can name a lot of your loved ones, that can use some time off in the nature surrounded by luxury and beauty.

Now is your chance to buy a Gift Certificate to Lillero to the 2022 season.
It’s easy too!

Read more here

How much do you charge for an extra bed?2020-11-30T22:21:22+01:00

An extra bed costs 300 DKK a night incl. breakfast. However, it is free for children from 0-3 years.

Please note, the extra beds are intended for use by children (up to the age of 18) and we only do extra beds in our family suites during the high season.

When booking, you automatically book an extra bed per person you book more than 2 people (available in the high season only) and please write in the comments whether you need a baby crib for a little one.

What is your policy on bringing pets?2020-11-30T22:22:10+01:00

We don´t welcome pets of any kind, so please leave them at home. It is important to us that everyone gets the necessary peace to relax completely and that all tents are free of animal hair for any allergy sufferers.

Can children stay at Lillero?2024-06-08T13:59:40+02:00

In the early summer period (8/5 – 28/6-2024) and in the late summer (12/8 – 1/9-2024) we focus on being extra calm, so we have therefore chosen that in these periods you should be minimum 12 years to join Lillero.

During the school summer holidays (29/6 – 11/8-2024) everyone is welcome.
We point out that only children up to the age of 18 can stay overnight on a bed and only during the school summer holidays do we offer a bed in one of the two family suites.


Is it OK to bring your own food and beverages to Lillero?2021-09-22T20:25:37+02:00

The simple but short answer is no. For the sake of the full experience, we want guests to experience the flavors of Lillero. We sell food, snacks and drinks in our restaurants and our coffee shop.

Where are the restrooms and showers?2020-11-30T22:24:48+01:00

We have a beautiful, central building where there are toilets and bathing facilities.

Do I need to bring bed linen and towels?2020-11-30T22:25:24+01:00

Don’t worry about it. Bed linen, bathrobes and towels are all included.

Where do I buy food at Lillero?2024-06-08T13:54:30+02:00

You can buy lunch and dinner in our Beach Bar and dinner in our fish restaurant lilleB. Additionally, you can buy snacks and light meals from our coffee shop. If you want to eat at our lovely fish restaurant, you must book a table (even if you are a guest staying at Lillero – the tables get booked pretty quickly, so we recommend reserving a table when you are book your stay).

PLEASE NOTE:  While staying at Lillero, it is only permitted to prepare and consume food and drinks purchased at Lillero.

Can I charge my car on the site?2020-11-30T22:27:29+01:00

We are working on it and very much hope to offer this feature soon, but unfortunately not this season.

When is check-in and check-out?2020-11-30T22:28:05+01:00

You can check in at Lillero between 3 PM and 6 PM (15.00 – 18.00).

Check-out is at 11.00 AM (11.00). You are welcome to arrive before check-in time or after check-out to hang out at Lillero just a little longer. We know it hurts to leave.

Is Lillero handicap accessible?2020-11-30T22:28:30+01:00

Yes, to some degree. From the parking lot to the tents the ground is flat, but has grass and natural terrain, so it requires a helping hand to get to the tent. A ramp can be installed for the entire stay to get up and down from the terrace on which the tent stands.

The toilet facilities are unfortunately up by 3 steps.

Where can I park?2020-11-30T22:26:52+01:00

You´ll find parking spaces next to our coffee shop.

How many sleeps in a tent?2021-09-22T20:31:29+02:00

We have two different sizes of tents (8 small and 2 large). In the smallest tents there is a double bed. In the large tents there is room for 4 people (2 adults – 2 children) with a double bed and an extra bed for two people.

The following rules apply: From 1/6 – 24/6 2022 and again from 8/8 – 31/8 2021, only 2 people can live in each tent (children must be over 12 years old). No extra beds are made during these periods.

Between 25/6 – 7/8 – 2022 (school summer holidays) all children up to 18 years are welcome. If you are more adults than 2, an extra tent must be booked.

If you have three children where the youngest can sleep in the double bed, this is ok, so you just pay for extra breakfast on arrival. Please note this in the comments when booking.

For babies and toddlers, we can prepare a crib with duvet and linen etc. Please note in the comments when booking if this is something you need.

What about payment?2020-11-30T22:29:48+01:00

Payment is made when booking online. We accept all major credit cards as well as MobilePay.

What is your cancelation policy?2023-08-24T17:50:34+02:00

Reservations must be canceled/rebooked at least 30 days prior to check-in. We do not refund the stay, however a gift certificate can be made.
A stay can only be rebooked within the current season.

I have allergies. What will I eat?2020-11-30T22:13:39+01:00

If you have allergies, write it to us in the comments field when booking.

We cater to the common allergies (such as gluten free, lactose, nuts, etc.), but unfortunately cannot cater to all allergies. Also, we do not have vegan food on the menu, but we do have a vegetarian option.

If you mention your gluten or lactose intolerance in the comment section when booking, it is no problem. But if you drop it on us upon arrival, we cannot guarantee it is on the menu. So please, please let us know!

Right at the beach

Less than 100 steps from your tent,you can dip your feet in the beautiful waters of Sejerøbugten.

Local produce

The Odsherred area is overflowing with some of Denmark’s best local produce. That’s pretty perfect because we always strive for local – and organic – ingredients.

Sauna with panoramic views

It´s breathtaking, if we may say so ourselves – our sauna overlooks a panoramic view of the ocean.

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